Industrial Metrology

Mr. NGI_Director

It is with my great pleasure to show you the activities that Department of Industrial Metrology do. Department of Industrial Metrology (DIM) is subordinate to the National Metrology Center (NMC), and there are three main services that DIM provides such as:

  1. License for Manufacturing, Reparing, and Installing Metrological Instrument (LMRIMI).
  2. License for Metrological Trademark of Cambodia (LMTC)
  3. Metrology Registration

Furthermore, DIM acts as a focal point for Metrology International Cooperation. Up to now, the Natioal Metrology Center (NMC), Cambodia has extended its cooperation and collaboration with many national and international organizations with impressive achievement.

Our achievement

Roles and Duties:

  1. To organize and implement strategic policies and development plans of metrology
  2. To conduct study, research and develop scientific technology of metrology
  3. To compile and create technology standard which defines the guideline as regulation, or technical norm that relevant to metrology
  4.  To manage the statistics data of technology development
  5. To implement and cooperate with the national and international institutions in order to harmonize the metrology process.
  6. To coordinate and develop project planning, and follow up the cooperation with the national, regional and international institutions for process of metrology.
  7. To build up human resources, technology development and information system of metrology.
  8. To implement the Law on Metrology and other provisions of national, regional and international levels.
  9. To check and promote all activities of economic entities (company factory enterprise handicraft) which are obliged to accurately apply the rules and other provisions of metrological process.
  10. To collaborate and promote, information delivery, and guideline on scientific technology for business in manufacturing, repairing, and use of metrological instruments in order to ensure and accuracy in according to the Law on Metrology of Cambodia.
  11. To collaborate and promote the technical science development of metrology at NMC’s branches of provincial and municipal Department of Industry & Handicraft.
  12. To prepare procedure for applying metrology registration certificate to every economic entities (company, factory, enterprise, handicraft) to submit to MNC.
  13. To prepare procedure for applying License for using Metrology Trademark of Cambodia   to every economic entities (company, factory, enterprise, handicraft) to submit to MNC.
  14. To research, organize and coordinate agreements for mutual recognition of metrological process with national and international institutions.
  15. To collaborate, organize and implement regularization for exportation, use of all metrological instruments, goods produced and goods packaged which are relevant to metrology according to department’s duties.
  16. To promote, create information technology system for management  of department


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Mr. NGI_Director

Mr. NGI Polineavith



There are three deputy directors to subordinate the work of this department. Mr. NGI Polineavith is a director of this department since NMC has been established in 2011.

Mr. EM Sophors

Deputy Director

E-mail: Click here

Mr. SO Phalla

Deputy Director

Mr. NEAK Thyng

Deputy Director

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Organizational Structure

Department of Industrial Metrology