7th ASEAN EGM Meeting

The 7th ASEAN Expert Group Meeting was hosted by the National Metrology Center (NMC), Cambodia by video conference in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


  1. Identify measurement capabilities necessary to support ASEAN‘s priority areas, and a harmonized ASEAN measurement system in conformance to international standards;
  2. Identify measures by which EGM can consistently take in order to sustain metrology development of ASEAN, such as:
  • Establish sustainable mechanism to share metrological traceability among AMS; and
  • Support developing National Metrology Institutes(NMIs) to have internationally recognized metrological traceability for their national measurement standards;
  1. Facilitate and accelerate the transfer of the scientific and technology development in Metrology among ASEAN countries and from more advanced regions of the world to the ASEAN region;
  2. Provide technical and in-kind support and assistance in the development and applications of research in Metrology;
  3. Raise awareness on roles and contribution of metrology and quality infrastructure in enhancing competitive capacity and innovative capacity among relevant ASEAN sectoral bodies;
  4. Promote cooperation among EGM member, other ASEAN`s quality infrastructure(QI) bodies (e.g.ACCSQ), and relevant ASEAN sectoral bodies;
  5. Promote cooperation between EGM and regional and international metrology and quality infrastructure organizations, and not duplicate any of the existing initiatives.

EGM Program


A. Ensure compliance to international practices and standards*

B. Achieve NMI Compliance to international standard*

C. Enhance the productivity and competitiveness of MSMEs in ASEAN**


A. Ensure compliance to international practices and standards (EGM & WG3


  1. ASEAN Scientific and legal Metrology joint Roadmap
  2. Traceable Measurement of Grain Quality;
  3. Strengthening Technical Accreditation Capability;
  4. Strengthening and Harmonizing Guidelines for Market surveillance
  5. Harmonize type Approval practice and Requirement to International Standards
  6. Human Development for harmonized Quality infrastructure;

B. Achieve NMI Compliance to international standard (EGM)


  1. Study on the state of compliance national measurement standard according to international practices
  2. ASEAN Measurements Standard Laboratory Network

C. Enhance the productivity and competitiveness of MSMEs in ASEAN (EGM engaging sectorial bodies


  1. Promotion and Identification of Metrology needs to MSMEs